We help insurance brokers grow their businesses

by providing and distributing high quality, relevant, educational and marketing content
designed to nurture and convert customers

Are you ready to scale your business?

Some of the things we will provide you with:

  • High quality & relevant content
  • Automated distribution of content
  • Optimised Wordpress site
  • Marketing & sales automation
  • Start your business growth trajectory today!

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What you get with the AdvisorIQ programme

1. Fresh relevant weekly content

We provide content that is designed to educate, convert and up sell. This content can be used in the sales process to new customers and to nurture existing customers.

2. Optimised Wordpress site

We supply you with an optimised Wordpress site (or section if you already have a web presence) which will display our content in your own branded environment.

3. Distribution and marketing of content

Once approved by you, we distribute content via social media and email on a predefined schedule. Each piece of content is accompanied by an email and a social media post for maximum impact.

4. Sales automation tools

We create follow-up messaging to help you turn new business leads into paying customers.

5. Marketing automation tools

We create and distribute regular marketing messages to help grow and build your business' brand with existing and potential new customers.

How it works

We combine your input with our online sales and publishing experience to create content

We find out what you need

You provide us with feedback and content requests that you feel will make a difference to your customers.

We create it

Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts will use your feedback to create easy to understand and useful content.  

You approve it

We provide the content and if you are happy with it, you approve it for distribution.

We distribute it

We distribute the content via email and social channels on your behalf on a defined schedule.

You close more sales!

4 reasons to join the AdvisorIQ programme

We will do the following for you

Saving you time

While we take care of your marketing needs, you will have more time meeting with current and new clients.

Focus on important issues

Our solutions will give you the opportunity to focus on the areas you need to grow your business.

Auto pilot marketing

Our marketing solutions only need your approval. We do the work while you follow new leads.

Reduce churn rate

Our solutions are primarily aimed at keeping your existing clients and helping you get new ones onboard.

Why will our content make a difference to your business?

Most of the content available has been written from the point of view of the insurance company not from the customer. The content is long, boring and no one reads it. 

We use simple, relevant, easy to understand language that engages and is useful to your customers.

Do you have enough time to focus on what’s important to you?

Whether you would like more time to:

  • spend time with the family
  • play more golf
  • focus on elements of your business

Free up your time by simplifying and managing your marketing efforts. We keep your business front of mind with your customers, by staying in touch with them, without you having to do a thing.

I already send out newsletters

How much business do you get from your newsletters?

Do you know if you getting a return on your investment?

Gone are the days where people want to read general newsletters. With a proliferation of emails, people want relevant, bite-sized content that they can understand.  

We use proven strategies to make sure your emails get read  with purpose.

I already do social media marketing

Can you measure the value you get out of your social media efforts? How many leads do you generate via social media?

We are experts in using social media to drive traffic and build engagement with your sales content.

We do the work, you reap the benefits

Joining the AdvisorIQ programme will help you take back control of your own time

and the opportunity to focus on what is important.

Grow your business

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